Closet decluttering

One thing that can happen when you have plenty of storage is that it’s easy to put things in closets, close the doors and either not deal with it or forget what you have.  This decluttering session was multiple bedroom closets to sort through.  With three closets to herself, my client didn’t need to worry about running out of room for quite some time. The downside was it meant that it had been about 5 years since she had needed to sort through her clothes.  We spent our first session together going through each piece of clothing, pulling it out one at a time so she could look at it and decide whether to keep it or not. 

Getting rid of clothing is not always easy.  A certain item can invoke a great memory or perhaps it is something that you “hope to fit into again”.  No matter the memory, if you know you haven’t worn it in two or more years, chances are you won’t be choosing it again. Either something has replaced it in your wardrobe or it’s no longer your style.  As for trying to fit into something again, how long have you been holding on to it?  I don’t want you to have clothes in your closet that have the ability to make you feel bad about yourself! Ask yourself for both the pros and cons if you were able to fit into it again. Many times it won’t be worth it to keep it.

The best thing about this client session is that she was feeling so good about letting go of clothing that no longer served her that we ended up extending our time together that day so that we could finish all three closets.  It makes me extremely happy when my clients get so excited about the process that they don’t want to stop!  

We ended up with a great amount of clothing to donate (most of which went to a local emergency shelter, so a big THANK YOU to my clients who allow me to drop it off there and have their clothes help out others that need it!) and now she has a current inventory of her clothing in her mind for whenever she is looking online or out at the mall.  No need to buy something now just because you “can’t find it’! 

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