Decluttering services

Decluttering (or purging) and organization typically go hand in hand. We will take everything out of the area we are working on and look at each item individually to determine if you still use it, need it or it’s a double of another item. Once the items have been vetted we will put them back and organize in a way that helps achieve your goals for that space.
decluttering services in Vancouver


Decluttering services begin at $50 per hour. Please contact us for a quote if you are looking for larger renovations or changes in your home.

Previous decluttering projects

Project: shoe and linen closet

This shoe and linen closet was a great size but definitely overcrowded and needed a purge of the items so that the space could be better used.  The linens and towels were the main culprits in that they were overflowing onto the ground and it was hard to pull what was needed without the pile toppling over.  We pulled it all out and went through each piece.  Much of the linens and towels were put in the donation pile as the homeowner decided that she only wanted to keep the white linens and towels with a handful of colourful or patterned pillowcases for a pop of colour.  Now there is plenty of space to store the linens this family requires.


decluttering services in Vancouver
before photo with messy linens


vancouver decluttering services
nicely folded linens after decluttering


decluttering services before
decluttering services vancouver before


decluttering services after
decluttering services vancouver after

Project: bedroom

The client had recently rearranged the bedroom furniture but wasn’t sure what to do with some of the smaller items.  We went through all of her makeup, hair accessories and products and got rid of empties or items she no longer used.  Then we used bins to contain each category and put them on a wooden shelf we had moved into her closet.  Now, the top of the dresser can stay clear of clutter and the closet door can be closed so she doesn’t need to have to look at all of those items when she isn’t using them.

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