Gift wrapping closet

This closet is in the spare room of this client’s townhouse.  Full transparency… this client is my mom :).  I have been wanting to create something like this for her for a long time and we finally had the space to do it.  My mom LOVES giving gifts. She is

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Home Office organization and decluttering

This office is off the kitchen and living room in this client’s house and the “perfect” room to be used as a catch all. Don’t want to take this upstairs? Throw it in the office and close the door. Don’t know what to do with it? Throw it in the

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vancouver decluttering services

Shoe and Linen closet organization

This closet in the primary bedroom is a fantastic size (there are also two other walk in closets in the bedroom used for clothing) but this is solely for shoes and linens.  In the before photos, you can see that there were items that didn’t belong and the closet needed

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After photo of organized and decluttered bedroom closet

Closet decluttering

One thing that can happen when you have plenty of storage is that it’s easy to put things in closets, close the doors and either not deal with it or forget what you have.  This decluttering session was multiple bedroom closets to sort through.  With three closets to herself, my

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quilting room makeover in Vancouver

Quilting room makeover

Full disclosure… this quilting room belongs to my mom and is in my parent’s townhouse. They recently downsized from a larger home but having space for my mom to quilt was very important when finding a new house. They moved in, four days later my dad was in a car

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closets organization in Vancouver

Multiple closets organization

This client came to me through a previous client and had three closets in her front hall that she wanted some help organizing and stated that one of her goals was to get her vacuum to fit in one of them. In the biggest closet, she had a cube organizer,

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classroom organization craft materials in boxes

Classroom organization

A teacher at my son’s school reached out to me for some help with her classroom set up at the beginning of the school year. She had been part of a work share the previous year and there were items left over from the other teacher and she had acquired

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