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How organizing benefits you

For myself, I can say that organization makes life easier. I know where things are when I’m trying to leave the house and I can get ready for grocery shopping by doing a quick glance in the cupboards and fridge.

As a mom, my goal is to raise a human who is self-sufficient and competent and this includes helping out around the house. One of the best ways I’ve found to do this is to put in simple organization systems so when it comes to cleaning up and putting his stuff away it’s easy and he can see where it goes. This also means I’m not on the hook for all of the cleaning and tidying.

Great organization should lead to less time spent looking for items or trying to put things away and more time doing the things and activities you enjoy!

In general, having organized spaces makes you feel happier and more peaceful. It also saves money when you don’t have to buy new things unnecessarily because you can’t find them at home.​

We come in to each space with no judgment, just an excitement to achieve your goals for the area and make your life easier.

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Our organization services

Organization services can take place in your home or work place. If there is a space in your life that doesn’t work properly for you, we can help!

Here's how it works

  • We will discuss your goals for the area(s) and what is or isn’t working.
  • We will pull everything out (yes, everything!) and look at each item (again, yes, all of it). Decluttering, purging and getting rid of garbage or recycling is a very important first step.
  • Once everything has been vetted then I will begin to put together the puzzle of how it will logically go back into the space.
  • We will also do a wipe down of the areas so that you will not only get an organized space but a clean one.
  • I will recommend bins and other organization materials and once we have those then I will label and place it all in its proper place.
  • I can also arrange to take donations and help post items for sale.


This service begins at $50 per hour (not including the cost of any organization bins, containers, etc.) for one principle certified organizer. Large jobs can have assistants brought on for additional costs. Please contact us for a quote.

Previous home organization projects

Project: garage

This garage was a two day project.  We started by pulling it all out onto the lawn and grouping like items together.  The homeowners kept about 75% of what was in the garage to begin with but with better placement and using bins and shelving for smaller items it made a huge impact and is now a usable space.  


garage organization vancouver before


garage organization in vancouver after photo


office organization in vancouver before


office organization in vancouver after

Project: classroom

The teacher in this classroom had inherited some books from a retiring teacher at the end of the previous school year so at the beginning of the new year we sorted them into categories and placed them in the class library or in to magazine holders that we labeled for different units and lessons. Now this teacher has a clear desk to prep for her class  

Project: shed

This shed is used for a bit of storage but the main use is the workbench with small tools and screws and nails.  We decluttered the areas and used clear jars to store the small, loose items so they are easy to find and don’t fall all over the ground or desk when it’s time to do some work out there.


vancouver home organization garage before photo


vancouver home organization garage


vancouver bedroom organization before photo


vancouver bedroom organization

Project: kids desk

This desk is used for homework, art and doing hair and playing with makeup and nail polish.  There were lots of little items so we did a declutter of empty products, dried out markers and anything else she had outgrown.  Each drawer and section was given a specific category so now when she wants to do art she can find her supplies or she can easily paint nails or do her hair and put them all away quickly when it’s time to do homework.

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