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Sara is a professional organizer in Vancouver

Hi, I'm Sara

I’m a Vancouver based certified home organizer and Aging in Place designer. As an Enneagram 1 I proudly live up to the stereotype.

How organization benefits you

Having organized spaces makes you feel happier and more peaceful. It also saves money when you don’t have to buy new things unnecessarily because you can’t find them at home. Great organization should lead to less time spent looking for items or trying to put things away and more time doing the things and activities you enjoy!

We come in to each space with no judgment, just an excitement to achieve your goals for the area and make your life easier.


messy before photo of home organization in Vancouver


organized home in Vancouver

Our services

home organization vancouver

Home organization

Let us help declutter and organize your space whether that is a full house or an apartment or even your work area. We also clean and organize RV’s before and after the season.

aging in place services in vancouver

Aging in Place services

As people get older, they may want to stay in their family home or downsize to a new location.  Aging in Place designers can assist you in setting up whichever home you choose to work for you better, longer and safer based on your needs.
decluttering services in Vancouver

Decluttering services

We’ll determine for each individual whether you still want/need it, and organize them in a way that helps achieve your goals for that space.
downsizing support services in vancouver

Downsizing support

We’ll purge your items before they’re packed so you’re only moving the items you need in the new space.

Availabe as stand-alone service or add-on to packing service.

packing services in vancouver

Packing services

Are you moving? Renovating? We can help you pack and then unpack and organize the new space.  Pick one service or both based on your needs and location.

Other services

rv organization services

RV & Cabin

At the beginning of the camping season we can come in and organize the items in your RV or cabin and get you ready for a summer of fun. Make sure you have what you need so that you can enjoy your time away.

Contact us for a custom quote.

holiday decor organization services

Holiday decor​

We can set up your holiday decor for you and pack it away at the end of the season. We will donate any decor you no longer need or want.

Contact us for a custom quote.

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After photo of organized and decluttered bedroom closet

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quilting room makeover in Vancouver

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