Shoe and Linen closet organization

This closet in the primary bedroom is a fantastic size (there are also two other walk in closets in the bedroom used for clothing) but this is solely for shoes and linens.  In the before photos, you can see that there were items that didn’t belong and the closet needed to be decluttered.  We went through all of the linens and the homeowner got rid of items that were old, stained, ripped or just sets that she no longer wanted.  The ones that were still in good condition were donated to a local emergency shelter.  

The random items being stored in this closet were moved to more appropriate places in the home (or donated if they were no longer needed) and this opened up space for the chosen shoes and linens. 

We wiped down all of the shelves and vacuumed the floors (it’s so much nicer to put everything back into a clean space!) and then sorted and folded the linens and towels that were being kept.  You can see in the after photos how much more room there is on the shelves.  This makes it easier to put clean sheets and towels away because you can see where they go and you don’t have to move a bunch of other things first.  If you have too many things in the way then it can start to lead to things being left in the wrong places because you’d rather just dump it somewhere than get past the other clutter. 

Shoes were decluttered and then reorganized into categories.  Categories help so you can easily find what you need and so that you know what you have and you aren’t accidentally repurchasing an item.

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