Classroom organization

A teacher at my son’s school reached out to me for some help with her classroom set up at the beginning of the school year. She had been part of a work share the previous year and there were items left over from the other teacher and she had acquired some books and supplies from another teacher that had retired. In this case, we wanted to declutter and categorize the items that she wanted to keep. In the back of her room, we used magazine storage boxes to put books that she uses for each type of lesson or category (ex- animals, weather, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.) and labeled them and organized them alphabetically so they are easy to find.

On the shelves that are available for the students to access, we put arts and crafts supplies which were also categorized and put into smaller bins so that the kids can find what they need and where to put them back.

Setting up a classroom so that it’s easy to navigate for the kids and the teacher is so important and really helps with the success of the class. If you are looking for a Christmas or year end gift for your kids teacher that isn’t another mug (😀 ) you could get them a gift certificate for my services!

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