Gift wrapping closet

This closet is in the spare room of this client’s townhouse.  Full transparency… this client is my mom :).  I have been wanting to create something like this for her for a long time and we finally had the space to do it.  My mom LOVES giving gifts. She is one of those people that basically starts Christmas shopping for the following year on Boxing Day and shops all year long.  If you just mention that you are interested in something in passing in April she will probably go buy it at her first chance and then it will be under the tree in December.  She listens to everything 😂. 

One joke that we have though is we try and guess how many gifts are hidden around the house that she forgets about and then we finally get two years later.  This closet will offer a great solution.  We put in shelving units and the bins are labeled either for a specific person or for something like Christmas donation gifts.  The space beside each bin can then be used for gifts once they are wrapped.  When she buys something, into the bin in goes and it also allows for a quick and easy way to look at what she has for each person. She won’t have to guess where she might have tucked a gift away seven months ago.  

I think a pretty common issue is that when it comes to gift giving you know that you have a gift bag or tissue paper at home… somewhere… but it’s easier at that point to just buy a new one at the dollar store (it’s so cheap!).  But guess what, even if it doesn’t cost a lot, it’s still a waste of money when you do have something at home. The problems is the time it would take to find it outweighs the cost of buying a new one.  Now, you are spending money you don’t have to and you end up with stuff in your house that isn’t being used.

Cleaning out this closet and getting everything organized means that my mom knows exactly where her supplies are and when it gets closer to Christmas she isn’t in a panic to get her wrapping done.  It can be a fun experience and there is now no doubt in her mind in the next few months that she has all she needs for this year (and let’s be honest… years to come!).  Tags, bows, gift bags, ribbons, etc. have all been categorized and are in labeled bins.  Don’t forget to make sure you have one for tape, pens and scissors as well! 

I know where I will be doing my Christmas wrapping this year! Do you?

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